Ted Nugent Blasts Politicians and Media For Attacking Gun Rights [Listen]

“I know the positive spirit and the goodwill and the decency and the conscientiousness and the intelligence that exists out there. We see what is going on with these mass slaughters where our government, media, academia and Hollywood – it hurts me to say this but they actually side with the shooters when they support laws that would encourage more shooting i.e. gun-free zones and going after age limits…”

Ted Nugent, has been long time proponent of the Second Amendment and Americans gun rights, weighed in over the newest assault by the Left to disarm Americans on the Jimmy Mathis Show. Those who are not fans of Nugent will hate him even more as he delivers some absolute facts on guns, going so far as to say the killers in many of the past shootings could’ve racked up more deaths using a shotgun than whatever their weapon of choice was! Seem to recall a certain fmr Vice President telling Americans to use a shotgun, that they don’t need an AR-15.

Second Amendment has been violated repeatedly in countless states and unfortunately there’s more to come. What’s happening right now is why we have it yet the Left is doing everything in the power to trample all over it. The Left has in fact enabled the criminal element by creating Gun Free Zones and restrictive laws against law-abiding Americans, and making excuses to once and for all deal with the mentally ill. Every action they take for “our safety” has in fact put Americans in more danger.

“Millions of Americans fire millions of rounds, with millions of guns every weekend and it’s all good. Here’s a little indicator to the bureaucrats out there – leave us the hell alone! You know who the bad guys, are you know where the crazy guys are and you fail miserably at stopping them and protecting us. So leave we the people alone will defend ourselves thank you very much drive safely.”