Twitter Has Permanently Suspended Pres Trump’s Account!

Tyranny is on full display today as Twitter, one of the Big Tech oligarchs, has permanently suspended Pres Trump’s account because he allegedly incites violence!

The president did nothing of the sort and if these companies were questioned under oath they would not be able to provide specific examples – they’re LIARS.

So it looks like Leftists like Sen Joe Manchin…

…. and Michael Obama got their wish after calling for Jack Dorsey to pull the plug on the sitting United States President! And Trump wasn’t the only one to get suspended, many others are getting shutdown right now as we speak’Facebook is also pulling the plug on users and groups, where for example Brandon Straka’s Walk Away Campaign was completely wiped out!

This should scare the hell out of everyone regardless of party affiliation.

But most concerning, these tyrants are setting the stage of what the next 2-4 years are going to be like. Once they silence us they are coming for our weapons.