WARNING Ignore Calls For Armed Protest at State Capitols


This flyer is circulating around the net calling for an armed protest Jan 17 at all state capitols as well as the US Capitol. Look at the colors, language (ex “When Democracy is Destroyed”? USA is a Republic ; “founding fathers” in lower case) and even the stars on this flyer, clearly a commie made it because when you take away all the writing, graphics and Statue of Liberty what do you have? A communist flag! Someone/a group is trying to start major trouble that will no doubt be weaponized by the progressives in power to take away our Second Amendment rights. It’s probably the same domestic terrorists who stormed the US Capitol trying to frame the thousands of Patriots attending.


[I hate Fox News as much as any of you after what they’ve done but would you rather a clip from CNN?]
DO NOT ATTEND this event, it’s clearly a false a flag event. If you want to do something find out where this flyer came from so we can ID who is behind it, where I’m willing to bet they are not big on the US Constitution, capitalism, conservatism and Patriotism.

(Even Mark Levin announced on his show not to go near any of these places because something bad is brewing, and that they will be used against us.)