Tucker Rips the Left for Exploiting Children to Advance Gun Control [Video]

The anti-gun Left has stooped to a new low using children to advance their gun control agenda. Tucker Carlson rightfully called the Left out for exploiting kids with today’s national walkout, and a march planned later this month.

These children do not understand the issue no matter how “smart’ they appear on tv. They are being coached by teachers and professional activists. They do not know or understand the facts about guns, and only regurgitate what they hear and feel.

Not once did any of them question why the politicians joining them have the luxury of being escorted out by armed police. These kids don’t seem to have a problem going anywhere else in their communities where there are armed guards/ security present – but suggest it for schools and it’s the end of the world!

These kids aren’t old.. mature enough to vote, join the military yet are being relied upon to make government policy.

The gun grabbers, like Carlson’s guest Igor Volsky, live in a dream world who can’t even define what an “assault weapon” is. They are all for children being used to advance their political agenda, refuse to answer straightforward questions, deflect and go back to their talking points because they’re incapable of answering real world questions. They believe gun control works, people will gladly disarm themselves if law was passed “to stop the violence”. Unfortunately those of us in reality know killers, criminals, evil doers and terrorists will never comply with any law to take guns away.

The Left is growing more dangerous to our rights by the day. They will say and do anything to gain total power over the nation, but know so long as the Second Amendment exists they’re limited as to how far they can go. 2A is all that stands between freedom and tyranny.