Sheila Jackson Lee: NOTHING in 2nd Amendment Says ‘We Cannot Regulate or Provide Safety’


TX Rep Sheila Jackson Lee apparently lacks basic reading comprehension, and is quite the hypocrite too! After the House passed 2 gun bills, with the help of 8 spineless republicans, she took to the podium during a democrat press conference stating the ‘precious right of the Bill of Rights’ where she continued and proceeded to butcher away at the Second Amendment:

‘Nothing in HR 8 or HR 1446 violates any part of the Bill of Rights. It does not violate the First Amendment. It does not violate the right to due process and it does not violate the Second Amendment.

Nothing in the Second Amendment suggests that we cannot regulate and provide safety for the American people. Nothing in the Supreme Court cases, like Heller, says that, so we are on the right side of the Constitution and the right side of history and the right side of the American people who are pleading for their lives…’


Biden made a similar statement during the 2020 campaign, and that leaves one to wonder exactly what part of ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED’ do these monsters not understand. The Second Amendment is the ONLY Amendment with its own Do Not Touch clause, yet year after year, one democrat after another coughs up the most radical and destruction legislation on gun control!

With everything going on now these SOB’s can take their ILLEGAL gun laws and shove them deeply where the Sun will never shine. There are over 440M guns in the hands of over 100M Americans, we are never giving them up, or bowing down to any abusive illegal laws by this radical democrat party.