VA House Rep Drops Truth Bomb on Hypocrite Democrats in Speech About Guns [Video]

Hands down this is probably one of the best speeches you will hear by a politician in defense of the Second Amendment and calling out Democrats hypocrisy on multiple issues. VA House Delegate Nick Freitas appears to be a rising star in the GOP who is seeking Sen Tim Kaine’s Senate seat in the coming 2018 midterm elections. He took the democrat party to task for making the gun debate next to impossible in this speech that has gone viral

There are far too many points made to cite here, but Freitas clearly has the democrats dead-to-rights on how they demonize the right for everything they’ve done with their revisionist history.

“I’d really appreciate it if every time you want to make a powerful point, you don’t project the sins, the atrocities, and the injustices the Democratic Party perpetrated on others onto us.”

That is the most important take-away with this video, the democrats are in fact the party of slavery, women’s suffrage, interned Japanese (as well as Italian and German) Americans during WWII, Jim Crow, segregation and mass resistance.

With regards to the NRA, take a look at the actual top 50 donors in the US, the NRA doesn’t even rank on that list! God forbid you say anything about the billionaire donors from George Soros to Mark Zuckerberg, you’ll be lucky to get out alive for invoking those names. How many people did the NRA kill in 2017? 0. How many has Planned Parenthood kill? Over 320,0000.

As for the Nazi reference democrats use against the right, to be clear Nazi’s are National Socialists. Exactly how can those who are in favor of the Constitution, capitalism, liberty and freedom socialists? Democrats prey on the uninformed using language and twisted history to win support because they know their constituents believe every word they’re told. When their lies are revealed, democrats attack viciously, verbally or in many cases physically. They want the world to think they are the good guys when in fact, and history proves it, they are the bad guys.

Freitas’ spells all of this out, so it’s no wonder so many on the left are upset, trying every trick in the book they have to take him down. This is what Andrew Breitbart was talking about when he said to walk toward the fire, speak the truth don’t worry about what they call you. Don’t let democrats bully you into silence, they fear the truth.