Troy Aikman And Joe Buck Caught on Hot Mic Mocking Military Flyovers!

This site called for an NFL boycott and it still stands to this day because players, coaches, owners and commentators continue to demonstrate their hate for our country. Here we have Joe Buck and fmr Dallas Cowboys QB Troy Aikman caught on hot mic mocking military flyovers welcoming a Biden/Harris admin who will bring them to an end!

Aikman took to Twitter to do some damage control stating…

Have you ever seen an “unwavering patriot” mock a flyover agreeing that it’s a waste of money while looking forward to a potential new administration ending them?

Troy can CYA all he wants but his true feelings were there for all Americans to hear when he thought he was safe to speak his mind.

STOP watching the NFL, espically you football addicts, you’re enabling this anti-American organization.

Hope this motivates folks to vote for Pres Trump who does appreciate and love our military unlike rich spoiled athletes and celebrities.