Liberal Santa Ruins Christmas for Little Boy Over Nerf Gun


2020 is chalking up to be the worst year ever and this Santa just put it right over the edge. As if it’s not bad enough for people to deal with covid restrictions no one is factoring in the damage it’s doing to children, the last thing we need is for some unhinged liberal kook pushing his politics, anti-gun, on little kids.

Don’t know who this little boy is or what mall this is at but see if this doesn’t make your blood pressure spike!

Santa has one job – to sit there for a picture with screaming kids and ask “Have you been a good boy/ girl? What would like this Christmas?” How dare this guy push his liberal anti-gun bs on this kid. A Nerf Gun is HARMLESS, it doesn’t mean the kid will become a mass murderer if he gets one. This Santa just ruined Christmas for this kid for who knows how long! He will always remember when Santa told him NO!

You liberals have gone way too far from stealing this election to indoctrinating our kids in schools and now through mall Santa’s.

If you know who this kid is and/or what mall this happened please leave a comment.