Media Has Meltdown Over Press Sec Listing All the Times Trump Denounced White Supremacy

The media is most definitely doing its best to ensure the American people never listen to another word they spew. They continue to condemn Pres Trump for allegedly not denouncing White Supremacy even though he has as Press Sec Kayleigh McEnany spells out.

These are not good, honest people serving as watchdogs for the nation. The majority of the media are clearly political activists who ignore the TRUTH. The President has always condemned the violence, KKK, White Supremacists and other groups seeking to destroy the USA. But these people, who call themselves journalists, want you to think otherwise as they tell the same lie over and over again, until the lies they tell become the “truth”.

Right after the Charlottesville attack the President spoke out, but that isn’t enough for the media. He could start every press conference stating it and they will still find a way to say he didn’t.

TIME: Read President Trump’s Remarks Condemning White Supremacists

Don’t rely on any “conservative” site or network to get the word out, it’s on you to inform the people around you sharing content like the videos on this page that ARE FACT. Fox News is not going to set the record straight, John Roberts’ little meltdown, along with the others, today is proof of that. Fox has moved to the Left, they are no friends to the President, conservatives nor you their supporters.

This coordinated attack to make the President into some White Supremacist by the media is one more reason you and everyone you know has to get out and vote for Pres Trump. By our reelecting him we’re sending a clear message the American people have had it with all of them!