California Police STAND DOWN After Marine Vet Challenges Their Integrity

This is an AMAZING and one of the most patriotic videos posted, if you haven’t seen it yet of US Marine veteran Dr Gordy Williams speaking directly to, what appear to be, CA State police in full riot gear during a anti-lockdown protest at the state capitol in Sacramento.

Williams clearly speaking from his heart and gut calling out the officers that what they represent by taking a stand against protestors invoking their First Amendment rights is wrong and not what they signed up for. People Left and Right are standing together against these tyrannical orders from Governors and Mayors who are abusing their power, trying to make any dissent political. After all the bad videos going around of police arresting people for being on the beach, playing ball with their kids in a park or not wearing a mask we finally see some realizing this is all wrong.

The ex-Marine most definitely hit a nerve with the police as slowly but surely officers began walking off the line to cheers of protesters. Those officers know what many of us know and feel in our gut that something is wrong with these lockdowns. The numbers we’re hearing about the number of sick and dead compared to other illnesses and causes of death do not justify shutting schools, business and life as we’ve know it down.

This Marine deserves a medal for what he did!

Enjoy and please share it around with the hopes others will repeat and maybe police in other states will see it choosing to walk if given unconstitutional orders.