Joe Biden Releases Full Gun Control Plan


Joe Biden has released his Plan to End Gun Violence, and as you would expect it’s a gun grabbers dream. It’s the same old nonsense we’ve come to expect from the Left, and it surely has Beto O’Rourke‘s fingerprints all over it after Biden announced Beto, who endorsed Crazy Joe, would be “the one who leads” his effort to get major gun control enacted.

Here’s just a sampling of the long list of things a President Biden will do to infringe on Americans gun rights:

“Get weapons of war off our streets.

  • Ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
  • Regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act.
  • Buy back the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines already in our communities.
  • Reduce stockpiling of weapons.

Keep guns out of dangerous hands.

  • Require background checks for all gun sales.
  • Close other loopholes in the federal background check system.
  • Reinstate the Obama-Biden policy to keep guns out of the hands of certain people unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons, which President Trump reversed.
  • Close the “hate crime loophole.”
  • Close the “Charleston loophole.”
  • Close the “fugitive from justice” loophole created by the Trump Administration.

End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions.

Create an effective program to ensure individuals who become prohibited from possessing firearms relinquish their weapons.

Incentivize state “extreme risk” laws.

Give states incentives to set up gun licensing programs.

Adequately fund the background check system…”

Plenty more in detail here, as outlined by DS.

Don’t roll your eyes or shrug it off. If we’ve learned anything over the last 2-3 months is anything can happen. Get out and vote Nov 3rd to protect your rights against a radical anti-Constitutional agenda.