Police Officer’s Viral “Good and Powerful Message” Costs Him His Job

By now you have probably seen the viral video from Officer Greg Anderson calling on fellow law enforcement officers and officials to take a step back from the tyrannical/fascist/Unconstitutional orders they’re enforcing against law-abiding Americans. He didnt think much of it as far as going viral when he first posted it, where he even got complements from his superiors that it was a “good and powerful message”.

Hours later as the video picked up steam the sentiment changed and Anderson was asked to take the video down by the same people who praised it. He refused and it escalated to his Chief…

‘I was later contacted by the Chief of Police, he’s someone that I have great respect for, he’s a good man to work for, and he’s the one that shot me straight and he said, “Greg if you openly defy your governor you can’t be a police officer in the State of Washington.”‘

Naturally and respectfully Anderson refused to take down the video (bottom of page), so now he is on ‘administrative leave – pending termination’.

Officers like Anderson, and Michael Seanie(sp?) who posted video below in response to Anderson’s, are the men and women we respect in law enforcement unlike those who are arresting people for going to the beach, opening their restaurant, playing in the park with their kids “following orders”. They’re the bad guys whether folks want to admit it or not, and they’re also the same officers who will go door-to-door to disarm Americans if an order is ever given to confiscate weapons.

This Patriot stands for everything that made this country what it is, and he is standing by his convictions. Americans need to rally behind him and others like him. Surely there are some outspoken Sheriffs out there refusing to follow tyrannical mayors and governors orders who could use this man on their force!? In the meantime a GoFundMe has been set up for Anderson here

To those of you in power you need to heed the warning from both of these officers, who have served in the military, that you’re pushing Americans who are going to eventually push back… push back violently.

Anderson’s original vids:

Update: A Hill I’ll Die On

Are you doing the right thing?