Senate Dems Intro Gun Control Bill That Bans Almost Everything!


A few weeks ago House democrats introduced a bill, sponsored by Hank Johnson, that aggressively goes after American’s gun rights to curb gun violence and community safety cloaked behind the goal of protecting the children. Democrats in the Senate Finance Committee wasted no time producing their version in S.3254 – Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 which is as much of a nightmare as the House’s version, brought to us by Sen Elizabeth Warren and co-sponsored by Senators Ed Markey, Bob Menendez, and Cory Booker

As before with the House bill, do not let the title of the bill fool you, as you’ll see and hear in the video below this is a major power grab by the democrats to go after your property, making just about everything illegal, as well as taking your gun rights away! They like to sneak bills in behind a noble cause – protecting the children, when in reality children will be left defenseless if dems get their way disarming their parents!

This bill was introduced Feb 5, 2020 when we were all getting distracted with the pandemic. The last month things have escalated and we also learned the dems have more power now in the Senate because the full body is not showing up to vote. This bill theoretically has a better chance at getting through now than it would if we weren’t focused on trying not to get sick.

With the economy teetering, so many out of work, and criminals being released from prison it’s no wonder gun sales are up 2-300%, many being first time gun buyers! People know there may be a time when they have to protect themselves, family and property, but leave it to democrats to use this time to go after gun rights.

Americans need to get on these people and let them know we will not tolerate their abuse of power during a national emergency. What they’re attempting to do, while it has a snowballs chance in hell, is an act of tyranny. These people are the very reason why we have the Second Amendment.

Let this be a lesson and a perfect example why the democrats cannot be trusted with any degree of power. They’re not working on legislation to deal with this pandemic, to make it easier for companies to manufacture in the US. No, the first thing they want to go after in the middle of a crisis is our ability to protect ourselves!