As Americans Are Focused on the Threat From a Pandemic, Dems Go After Gun Rights


In 2008, then President-Elect Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel told America how the democrats prefer to operate…

As the American people are focused on a National Emergency dealing with the Chinese virus pandemic, the democrats never miss a beat, showing us why they can never be trusted with power, never allowing a “serious crisis go to waste” as Emanuel spelled out. Rep Hank Johnson (Yes, the guy who thinks Guam might tip over) and 18 co-sponsors have introduced HR 5717 – Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020.

Don’t let the title of the bill fool you, as you’ll see and hear in the two videos below this is a major power grab by the democrats to go after your property, making just about everything illegal, as well as taking your gun rights away! They hide it behind the idea of protecting children, when in reality children will be left defenseless if dems get their way disarming their parents!


Democrat leaders across the USA have released/or are in the process of trying to get prisoners released from jail to reduce the risk of infection. Some are not enforcing the law if there are, what they consider, minor non-violent crimes committed(up to and including the theft of law-abiding Americans property), criminal illegal aliens are already protected in Sanctuary Cities and much more is going on. So, in a time when things could get really bad on the streets of America, where law enforcement won’t be able to help, these Congressmen and women think now is the right time to go after the Second Amendment!


What is happening right now is why we have the Second Amendment, two-fold: The first to protect our lives, families and property. The second, and primary reason we have 2A, to deal with an out of control government!

The co-sponsors of the bill are listed here, melt-down their phone lines and crash their email servers. Hammer them on their govt and personal social media accounts too, because we all have more than enough time now! Granted the bill won’t get by the Senate, that shouldn’t matter it shouldn’t make it out of the House either.

Let this be a lesson and a perfect example why the democrats cannot be trusted with any degree of power. They’re not working on legislation to deal with this pandemic, to make it easier for companies to manufacture in the US. No, instead the first thing they want to go after in the middle of all of this is our ability to protect ourselves!