Dr Drew Goes Scorched Earth At The Media For Sparking Coronavirus Panic


The entire MSM are doing a disservice to the country, causing unnecessary panic over the Coronavirus. Dr Drew Pinksy has spoken out several times on the issue but here he is again over the “absolutely reprehensible” reporting the media has been doing and “they should be ashamed of themselves creating a panic that is far worse than the viral outbreak.”

Journalists are not virologists, they do not know what they’re talking about. Americans should only be listening to experts like Dr Anthony Fauci, and the CDC who live and breath this stuff, not some Trump hater on CNN, MSNBC or any of the other liberal hack networks. None of these people accusing Pres Trump of being unprepared said one word during the H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreak, where thousands of Americans got sick, including Dr Drew, and many died.

Dr Drew and Dr Oz have both spoken out over the media causing a panic


Also keeping mind the same people causing panic over this virus are the same ones who LIED about Pres Trump’s ties to Russia along with countless other lies against him and the GOP. They’re the same ones who say the Second Amendment never meant to allow people the right to bear “military style” weapons, and say the AR-15 is an automatic weapon! They lie about everything.

According to the CDC over 20,000 have died from the flu this season alone, but no one in the media is screaming bloody murder or calling for the world to be shutdown! The hysteria over this virus is out of control, and from the sounds of it many people already got it, but didn’t know! Read the responses to this tweet…

Wash your hands, cover up when you cough and sneeze, and wipe down frequently used items and surfaces.