Biden “If I Win” Will Team Up With Beto to Push Gun Control


As the democrat primary returns come in it’s looking like this is Joe Biden’s race to lose for the DNC nomination. Should he go all the way winning the nomination, running against Pres Trump and God forbid he wins, Americans will have a lot to worry about.

Aside from raising taxes, instituting single payer health care, implementing destructive climate change policies, eliminating all the pro- economic and American policies Pres Trump has implemented, Crazy Joe will be coming after Americans gun rights with the help of, what many are calling his gun confiscation czar, none-other than Beto O’Rourke!

Beto has been clear he wants to disarm Americans, that they have no right to possess weapons of war, that will be confiscation and there will be consequences for those who do not hand over their property via a visit from law enforcement.

We’ve seen how these visits play out most notably Waco, TX and Ruby Ridge with countless others since that didn’t make big news. It will be far worse now than before as friends of those getting a visit from Beto and Joe’s enforcers will come to their friends aid resulting in a bloody mess.

A vote for Joe is a vote for Beto to come after your guns. Support President Trump and the GOP this November or you can kiss the Second Amendment goodbye.