Large Group of Illegal Aliens Surrender to Border Patrol in TX [Vid]


How would you like to see this mass of illegals walking through your neighborhood!!?

Over 100 family units crossed over the border by inflatable raft into Los Ebanos, Texas and surrendered to Border Agents July 15, 2019. These illegal aliens are being instructed to enter the US with children and to immediately turn themselves in so as not to be deported by activist groups based in Chicago with ties to George Soros and the UN!

Our Border Agents are so overwhelmed they cannot even stop illegals like these from crossing the border on inflatable rafts.

How many of these family units do you think are legit? Children are literally being rented out by cartels and human traffickers because they know our immigration laws are screwed up, thanks to both parties, but especially the democrats who want them here to change our electorate. But you will never hear the democrats condemning this form of child abuse, instead you hear them complain about state of detention centers over capacity where CBP Agents are using their own money to feed, cloth and even provide diapers to illegals.

The border needs to be shut down, Congress needs to take action or we must remove them from office because they created this mess.