Facebook Shamefully Censors Infamous 9/11 Photo

Historical statues, monuments, relics, videos and photos are items used to help identify a nations history, even when they’re deemed offensive (in the case of those related to the Civil War) as they are our scars. We learn from our scars, it keeps the memory of whatever happened “alive” not to be written off and forgotten.

The Left has different agenda, to rewrite history by censoring, if not removing our scars as if they never happened. WHY Facebook feels the need to censor this infamous 9/11 “Falling Man” photo is beyond me, and I’m sure they’re actively censoring other 9/11 material. There’s no blood, no gore, nor any actual act of violence, just a man who made the last decision of his life instead of giving Islamic monsters what they wanted.

Does FB think they’re doing you and yours a favor by not allowing you to see a man who was murdered by Islamic jihadist radicals? Or, are they protecting their friends in the Islamic world thinking mean, angry, bigoted, racist Americans will lash out against the Muslim community, because we were apparently stacking their bodies in the streets of America after the 9/11 attack[sarc]!?

Every year we get further away from that day that not only changed this country but the entire world. The last thing we need are social media platforms deciding what we can or cannot see from that day. The “Falling Man” symbolizes in a moment of terror, where horrible monsters attacked this country to kill thousands this man, and many like him, chose to go out their way vs the pain and terror of being burned alive the terrorists intended.

Posting this image and others like it is to make sure we Never Forget, and ensure nothing like it ever happens again. The Left thinks they’re doing you a favor by marking it sensitive containing “violent or graphic content.” Have we gotten this soft that an image of a man falling to his death because of the actions of absolute monsters is too violent to see? Based on the content on tv, in the movies and video games that’s not likely.

Facebook is out of control, they are playing God with content deciding what you can or cannot see. It’s supposed to be an open forum, a digital town square/ meeting place for thoughts, ideas, connecting with friends and family, yet this platform acts like a publisher editing content. If they are going to edit content, censor videos and images then they should be treated like a publisher who does not get the tax incentives this company is currently enjoying.

Shame on you Facebook, and especially you Mark Zuckerberg. Censoring this image tells me and millions of Americans you care more about your friends at CAIR and in the Muslim community than Americans.