Obama Trashes America, Lies to Brazilians About US Gun Laws [Vid]


Obama has been out of office for almost three years but he has no problem traveling the world trashing America and our system of government like he was still in office. Speaking at VTEX Day Expo in Brazil, the former President was asked about the most difficult day he had in office, where he talked about a school shooting (hinting to Sandy Hook). He continued on by misleading attendees of the expo, if not blatantly lying, stating ‘our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon any time without much if any regulation, they can buy it over the Internet, they can buy machine guns.’

US gun laws make plenty of sense, in many instances they are beyond restrictive and abusive turning law-abiding citizens into felons, over knee jerk reactions following a tragedy NO LAW could have stopped. No you cannot buy any weapon you want either.

You cannot buy a gun over the internet like you can buy a computer or a book. This is another lie Obama and the gun grabbers love to push along with the gun-show loophole lies. No gun dealer is going to risk their license and jail time to sell a gun without a background check. No one is selling guns on the internet outside of government oversight and regulation.

Civilians cannot go to the local gun shop, or a gun show, to buy a machine gun. This is another lie he and the Left continue to use with no proof. Can you buy a machine gun? Yes, BUT you will have to go through not one but two background checks, via the DOJ and ATF. You will be have to pay for a tax stamp and then have at least $10-$15,000++ laying around to be able to afford such a weapon.

Had this man been POTUS during the Las Vegas attack he would have pushed to repeal the Second Amendment. He was always looking for a reason to ban… confiscate civilian’s weapons. This is the same POTUS who, with the help of his “wingman” fmr Atty Gen’l Eric Holder, ran guns to Mexican drug cartels knowing the weapons would end up being used in heinous crimes and be trafficked back into the US in the hands of criminals. They were actively trying to create a crisis to justify harsh action against 2A.

Why Obama chose to lie to these people is unknown, they have no affect on American politics, nor our laws. (And for the record Brazil is an incredibly violent nation, with high murder rate.) If anything this was just Obama’s way of taking jabs at America like he has always done, especially overseas.