Kamala Harris Vows If Congress Doesn’t Act on Gun Control as President She Will [Video]


Sen Kamala Harris is a chip right off the Obama-block. During a CNN town hall she vowed if Congress doesn’t take action within the first 100 days of her administration to curb gun violence, she will enact gun control through Executive Action.

Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy is nothing but Executive Actions/ Orders because he couldn’t get Congress, which includes his own Democrat Party, to support his agenda. That “legacy” is in the process of being erased under the Trump administration, because Executive Actions/ Orders are not laws. What one President invokes via Exec Orders another can override with their own.

Harris seems to forget she took an oath to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States when she became a public official. Based on her anti-Second Amendment history as CA’s Attorney General to the threats she has made in the Senate this woman will take drastic actions that will be in direct violation to our Constitutional rights. Harris, like Rep Eric Swalwell, is a tyrant in waiting already drunk with power of holding a Senate seat.

The Constitution reaffirms our God-given/ Natural rights no one can take away. Harris and the majority of the Democrat Party couldn’t careless, they want Americans disarmed and defenseless.