MSNBC Makes the Case For Second Amendment During Venezuela Report [Vid]


Well this is awkward. The network which has spearheaded gun control over the years just made the case for the Second Amendment, while reporting on the uprising in Venezuela.

MSNBC’s Kerry Sanders is probably regretting the words he used making it clear socialist run governments have all the power because they have all the guns:

“In Venezuela, gun ownership is not something that’s open to everybody. So if the military have the guns, they have the power”

In 2012 Venezuela’s then dictator Hugo Chavez instituted a gun ban that left the people defenseless, because under his leadership they would be protected and socialism is wonderful. Fast forward to today, the people are starving, poverty is rampant in other words the good times ended under Maduro regime. The people have had enough, the legislature elected Guaido to lead the country and now you have power play between those who support Guaido and Maduro with violence in the streets. Maduro loyalists have all the guns, armored vehicles and equipment are killing the people who have only rocks, makeshift shields and molotov cocktails to fight back.

Let this be a lesson to every single American to never, ever give up your gun rights. That goes for bump-stocks, “high-capacity” (aka normal capacity magazines), to the right to carry outside your home. Democrats, especially Presidential candidates, want the US disarmed just as the people have been disarmed in Australia, UK and Venezuela, while preaching socialism is our future.

Socialism has never worked, these politicians think they can make it work in America and that’s probably what Chavez and Maduro thought. It doesn’t work it always leads to starvation and death.