Tech Company is Stopping Credit Card Payments For Gun Purchases [Video]


The Left has been working hard to take away the Second Amendment. They know they can’t repeal 2A, and the most extreme legislative moves have failed when challenged in courts. Leftists are losing patience waiting for the perfect storm of events to unfold where politicians would act with public support and little resistance so they have started a new attack.

Through intimidation, boycotts and outright bullying the Left is going after any organization and business associated with the gun industry. They’re pressuring banks (ie Bank of America) and credit card processing services, like Intuit, to cut ties with anyone selling weapons and accessories. While it’s not mentioned here does anyone think this company hasn’t been getting pressure from gun control groups?!

This isn’t a new idea either, the Obama administration was doing this a few years back in what was called Operation Choke Point.

If the Left can’t take 2A away they’ll just do everything they can to make it impossible to buy a gun, ammo or accessories. What businesses cowering to the gun grabbers demands and threats should know is that while they may avoid a boycott from the Left, they’ll get one from the Right, just ask Dick’s Sporting Goods how business is doing!

If you do business with Intuit or use any of their products cancel and toss them, and support businesses who respect the Constitution and ones right to defend themselves.