Socialist Who Beat Top NY Dem Wants to Abolish ICE and Guarantee “Safe Passage” for Illegals [Video]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who beat out House Democrat Caucus leader and supposed successor to Nancy Pelosi Joe Crowley, is among many running on the DNC ticket calling for ICE to be abolished. Apparently any illegal alien showing up on the US border with a child in-tow should be provided safe passage into the USA! And the Left says they don’t want open borders!?

We need ICE right where they are dealing with drugs, weapons, criminal illegals etc. The agency wasn’t a problem for 15+ years under Pres’ Bush and Obama, but now all of sudden, under Pres Trump, they are?!

Where were all of these liberals when the Obama admin was holding illegal aliens in detention centers and separating families? Keep in mind the “families” are being separated because we don’t know if the kids are really related to the adults! It’s quite hypocritical to care now but not then, which only proves the Left doesn’t really care about the people illegally crossing our border. It’s all about the optics and whatever political points those in office or running really care about.

The Trump admin should take a page from Obama’s and immediately turn illegals back over the border. (BHO had BP do it to boost deportation numbers to “cook the books” and appear they’re doing a lot). Take their picture, get their name and fingerprint, run a quick background check to see if they’re security risk and send them back over, let Mexico deal with them. Border Patrol needs to focus on stopping drugs, firearms, human sex trafficking and terrorists not be babysitters.

Better solution, shut the border down until the wall is built.