Delta CEO Justifies Ending NRA Discount Because Org Used “Divisive Commentary” [Video]

Delta Air Lines CEO, Ed Bastian, appeared on “CBS This Morning” and was asked about ending its relationship with the NRA following the Parkland school shooting. Bastian claims the NRA’s language after the shooting was “divisive”!

At no time was the NRA divisive with its response to the shooting. It’s representatives took the moral high ground calling out archaic naive policies as well as the failures of the FBI, Broward County Sheriff and School Admin to stop the shooting had plenty of red flags.

The NRA has been calling to end Gun Free Zones, increase school security and to allow teachers, if they choose to after receiving proper training, to conceal carry their weapon. How in the world is that “divisive”?

The Left seems fine with federal buildings, museums, banks, gated communities they live in, sports and entertainment events and many other places providing adequate armed security. But, for some unknown reason they are vehemently against protecting children in schools!?

Bastian says Delta’s “values aren’t for sale”.

For the record only 13 NRA members took advantage of the discount. It would appear the ones being ‘politically divisive’ was the airline after pressure from anti-Second Amendment groups. From Delta’s standpoint one would hope, for the sake of stockholders, losing $40M was worth it to cut relations with an organization that has approx 6M members.

Bastian can be sure NRA members won’t be flying Delta.