Bank of America Will Stop Doing Business With ‘Military-Style’ Gun Mfrs [Video]

Bank of America is hopping on the hate Second Amendment train by choosing to no longer do business with any company who manufactures “military-style firearms”! That’s right, if you’re a manufacturer of scary looking weapons, BofA will cut you off! You can be sure BofA doesn’t know anything they’re talking about, and is over-reacting to mass shootings that were avoidable had law enforcement and government agencies done their job. The fact the military would never employ weapons manufactured by these companies in combat, that are being demonized by the Left, is irrelevant.

A good journalist would have asked the BofA executive what a military style weapon is? In anticipation of the response being, “assault weapons” said journalist would have then asked what they are. It’s quite certain Ms Finucane nor anyone involved with this decision at BofA would have an answer, since even the ATF is unable to definitely define it!

What we have here is a concerted effort to undermine the Second Amendment without ever touching it. If lawmakers won’t bow down to the gun-grabbing lobby then they will end run Congress put pressure on suppliers of raw materials, property owners, and banks to cut the gun industry off. One way or another the anti-gun lobby will find a way to disarm the public.

While this is a blow to manufacturers, where other liberal run banks are sure to follow, it’s only a matter of time until some pro-2A bankers and/ or investors get together and start a bank to service gun mfr’s with basic banking as well as credit card and online sales processing.

What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!