UPDATED: TWO Armed Citizens STOP Mass Shooter at Oklahoma City Restaurant! [Video]

A gunman walked into and open fired in Louie’s Grill & Bar, in Oklahoma City, hitting 2 people (woman and her 13 yr old daughter) but was stopped when a two law-abiding armed citizens drew his their weapons, shot and killed the shooter!

As reports demonstrate there was no “wild west” style shooting, between the gunman and the armed citizen, which is an excuse democrats use in their anti-gun rhetoric. Law-abiding gun owners, especially those who conceal carry, are trained to be aware of what is in front and behind their target. This is the very reason a good guy with a gun, Nick Meli, several years ago was hesitant to fire at the “Clackamas Mall outside of Portland, OR when an active shooter, Jacob Tyler Roberts, was loose in the mall killing two and injuring one. Meli legally carrying his concealed weapon took cover, drew his weapon but never fired a shot!” Just the sight of Meli armed was enough for Roberts to take his own life.

Good guys with guns are a deterrent to criminals and mass shooters. Liberals want the American people rendered defenseless, to wait for law enforcement to show up, where in most cases the shooting or crime are long over.  It is because of the Second Amendment and states like OK who respect and defend American’s rights to self-defense this shooting was stopped, as well as other similar stories the media ignores.