Autistic Boy Arrested For Playing With ‘Imaginary Rifle’ in Texas School [Video]

Progressivism is alive and well even in deep red state like Texas. David Sims, a 12-year-old boy with autism, was arrested and placed in juvenile detention because an art teacher was triggered over him with playing with an imaginary rifle! You heard right, it wasn’t a stick, fingers, a drawing or a Pop-Tart in the shape of a gun, but his arms positioned like he was holding a rifle that got him literally handcuffed! A boy doing what boys have done for decades (playing cops and robbers, soldier or what have you) is now deemed inappropriate behavior.

This kid did nothing wrong and yet, to a degree, is being treated like a hardened violent felon. Did you hear what the Montgomery County Attorney said, they hope they can straighten him out! WHAT?!! He was playing.. like any kid does imitating their heroes on TV or in the movies or cartoons. And because what David has done is so offensive, threatening and dangerous KUTV reports he has to attend an alternative disciplinary school for the remainder of the school year; he didn’t threaten anyone!

America you better get your priorities straight and take control of the school system. School boards and administrations are dominated by Liberals who are doing everything possible to turn boys (excuse my French) into pussies! Men and women, boys and girls are physically and mentally different, yet progressives think they can socially re-engineer us all to be the same and they’re starting with our kids!