Alyssa Milano Holds Anti- NRA & Gun Protest Under Protection of an ARMED Bodyguard! [Video]


“Actress” (does she work?) Alyssa Milano held an anti- NRA and gun protest in Dallas, TX, “coinciding” with the NRA’s Annual Meeting, with a handful of gun grabbers in attendance, where she was under the protection of a very LARGE and ARMED bodyguard!

The degree of hypocrisy, elitism and entitlement on display is of epic proportions to say the least! What Milano is telling America is this:
I can have guns all around me because I THINK I’m still important but you can’t! You, your family and property don’t matter, sit down, shut up, do what you’re told.

Her supporters will say, “She is famous, people are trying to hurt her, she needs to have armed security!” Uh huh well I’m an American where radical Islamic jihadists, criminals and evil doers are trying to kill me/ us (Americans) on a daily basis! Furthermore, we have a God-given/ Natural right (for those God haters out there) to self-defense. The Constitution and US government doesn’t give us the right to be armed, or any of our other rights, they affirm our rights. Leftists of course argue the other way, that government gives us the right to speak freely, protest, and be armed.

NOPE, they’re all wrong, actually they lie because they want to control our lives. Listen to this nonsense Milano spews, she didn’t write this, she probably got it directly from Shannon Watts of Moms Demand. Only a Hollywood elitist would pervert the meaning and intentions of the Declaration of Independence. Ignore the fact democrats are responsible for gun crime in minority communities as they have rendered people defenseless.

No one, especially some entitled thinking, hypocritical Hollywood elitist is going to tell us what we can or cannot have when it comes to protecting ourselves.

It should also be noted Milano was invited by NRA spokesperson, Dana Loesch, to speak privately, no cameras, and turned the offer down! Why? Because Alyssa can’t defend any of her positions. She also tweeted out to Loesch her bodyguard was not armed… yea well WATCH THIS!!

**This page will be updated when the additional video comes availabe