Veteran Owned Bump Stop Maker to Shut Down Over New Federal Regs

Slide Fire, the company that manufactures the infamous bump fire stock for semi-auto rifles announced they will be shutting their web site down. The ATF rule change has put a veteran owned company out of business over a knee-jerk reaction to a device, that is.. was ATF approved, that mimics what anyone can do with their fingers/ hands!

After the Parkland shooting there were immediate calls to ban Slide Fire’s bump stock, even though there was no initial evidence said device was used in the shooting. As the investigation revealed the shooter did not use the device, yet calls to have this device banned continue. To this day no forensic evidence has been produced that bump stocks were used in the Las Vegas attack either. Heck we know nothing about that attack, yet assumptions have been made that they were used even though there is video evidence demonstrating an AR-15 will mechanically fail after sustained high-rates of fire!

The device allows one to fire a semi-automatic weapon at a higher rate, but it doesn’t make any weapon it is applied to into a machine gun. The ATF has effectively redefined what a machine-gun is with this proposed rule change! The stock changes nothing mechanically but that didn’t stop calls from gun grabbing lobby to even the White House to have bump stocks banned.

This ban not only puts an American veteran owned company out of business but also sets a dangerous precedent that anything can be banned if there’s enough public and political pressure over something those making the decisions do not understand.

There will be more mass killings, so what’s next competition grade triggers? Wood dowels, belt-loops, rubber-bands? For the record the first time I ever fired a semi-auto AR-15, it fired in bursts because I didn’t have it tight enough against my shoulder! After all the “rapid fire” devices are banned will ones finger and shoulder be next? And what comes after that, all semi-autos get banned because ANY of them can be bump fired!?

We will never be able to regulate society into a safe space. There will always be someone looking for a way to kill people, if they can’t buy it they will buy or make a weapon. It’s time to stop blaming inanimate objects and start blaming ourselves for not taking action when there are plenty of red flags over an individual(s) who pose a threat to society.