Pro-2A Parkland Student Interrogated By School Security For Going to Gun Range With His Dad [Video]

How dare he!

Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland student whom the media doesn’t want to speak with because he is pro-Second Amendment, found himself being interrogated and intimidated by the school’s resource officer as well as a Broward Deputy Sheriff. The young conservative called in to the Dana Loesch radio show and appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to explain the scrutiny and intimidation he was subjected to.

Apparently tweeting out pictures and video (below) of himself invoking his Second Amendment right raised concern with someone at the school. Mind you the officer who interrogated him didn’t look at his Twitter feed to know what they were talking about, they just assumed he did something wrong! Fact is Kyle was on his own personal time outside of school, under the supervision of a trained firearms instructor and more importantly with his father (fmr IDF)! Where’s the offense? Doesn’t exist unless you’re a liberal triggered from the very image of a firearm, let alone video of one in the hands of a conservative (young or old).

Since when does what one does outside of school in a controlled environment cause concern to be called into the school’s security office and be subjected to invasive series of questions? To make matters worse, Kyle told both Carlson and Loesch he was denied the ability to record the encounter and grilled over where he got the gun, who was there etc..

What difference does it make who was there and where the gun came from? Obviously from the videos he posted on Twitter (if anyone took the time to look for proper context) he’s at a licensed indoor gun range, with a competent instructor. None of the questions he was subjected to are anyone’s business. He is a private citizen making it clear he was legally enjoying his inalienable rights, while also being educated on the proper use, function and safety of firearms. If more kids had this kind of education and respect for weapons we might not have so many gun related deaths (outside of mass shootings).

What would help us all is to know who reported him since the RO didn’t see the tweets!? It’s safe to assume David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, Emma Gonzalez or one the many liberals put up on a pedestal, by the Leftist media and gun grabber lobby, at the school ratted him out. One thing is clear, the way Kyle was treated was clearly to intimidate him from speaking out and invoking his 2A rights.

This is what the Left does – they attack, report people, lie and abuse the system to silence dissent. People have to fight back harder than we have in the past, stop taking a step back, instead taking a step forward saying no more to the bullies on the Left.