2016 Town Hall Red Sweater Guy’s Son Gets Suspended Over Photo Shooting

First, Parkland student Kyle Kashuv was on the receiving end of an intimidating interrogation by his school resource officer after going shooting, on his own personal time, under the supervision of his father and an instructor. Now Ken Bone, who became “famous” after asking 2016 debate a question wearing a bright red sweater, son was apparently suspended for invoking his Second Amendment right too!

Bone posted a photo of himself standing behind his son shooting a rifle in response to Kashuv’s tweet about his school overreacting to his day out at the range with his father.

Apparently that caused alarm for an administrator at Bone’s son’s school where the teen has been suspended and a police investigation started!

Suspended and under investigation for what?

What school policy could have been possibly broken for legal activity outside of school, under the supervision of ones parent!? Since when is it a crime for a father to take his son shooting, to learn the proper use and safety aspects when handling a firearm?

The school system has become absolutely paranoid and frankly is out of control. They think parents are incompetent, incapable of raising their children and the school should be the ones “parenting” children. When in reality their job is to educate, period, not police, let alone become snitches to rat out anyone who does anything they disapprove of outside of school.

Granted there very well could be more to this story. Maybe when the teen was called into principals office he mouthed off and got belligerent, no doubt being interrogated over a photo with his father. If that’s not the case (which is the only reason one could see any justification to suspend a student), then Bone and his wife should sue the school.

Precedent must be made in cases like this, and Kyle Kashuv’s, that this persecution over ones beliefs and exercising their rights will not be tolerated. The Left wrote the book on filing lawsuits over nothing, it’s about time for those of us on the Right to dish it out too!


Update: Ken’s son has been cleared… from what initially we’d all still like to know.One would hope he takes this further, it was an absolute example of abuse of power to begin with.