Good Guy With a Gun KILLED Bad Kid With a Gun at MD High School [Video]

No pc headline here, just the cold hard truth about a story the media and anti-gun lobby will be quick to squash from the the headlines. Why? It proves the Left’s narrative against having armed guards in schools is false. Because an armed school resource officer was present at the Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Maryland major tragedy was thwarted.

The 17 year old shooter, wounded a 14 year old boy and critically wounded a 16 year old girl (it is believed shooter had some kind of relationship with) using a Glock handgun, was quickly stopped by the schools resource officer Deputy Blaine Gaskill.

Where did this juvenile get a handgun? One has to be 21 years old to purchase a handgun, so much for the age limit to purchase a weapon! To be clear there was no wild west style gun battle with innocent people caught in between crossfire. Shots were fired, the SRO responded and killed this monster.

The Left continues to push against armed guards of any kind being present in schools. They want law-abiding citizens disarmed while criminals and evil doers are not bound by law. The Left is against defending schools because they don’t want guns around children. Why are they okay with guns everywhere else children and they themselves go that are targets for attacks, be it banks, office buildings, amusement parks, airports, concerts and sports events but not schools?? It’s almost as if they want schools to be soft targets to advance their anti-gun agenda!

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