Anti-Gun Dem Congresswoman Wants to Ban ‘Rapid Fire Magazines’ [Video]

Democrats seem to be on a tear making up new terms, poorly demonstrating the use of weapons with the hopes that if they tell enough lies the public will buy what their shoveling to ban guns. Democrat gun grabbers started the “assault weapon” myth which has grown to “weapons of war”, “military style assault weapons”, demonstrating a weapon on “full semi-automatic” (courtesy of Lt General Mark Hertling), “gas-assisted receiver frames” (courtesy of Sen Martin Heinrich), “massacre machine gun magazines” (courtesy of Rep Carolyn Maloney) and now Rep Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has given us “high-capacity rapid fire magazines”.

The one lesson we can learn from what the democrats are doing, aside from wanting to disarm the country, is they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about! Based on their performance to date, Congress really doesn’t know much about anything, other than how they can screw the American people over.

Wasserman-Schultz might want to read some quotes by the Founding Fathers to learn they had every intention of the people being armed as well as the government they may one day have to face off with.

Guns have been a part of this country since it’s founding, heck it’s one of the reasons the Colonies rebelled in the first place. We’ve had access to weapons for well over 240 years, but it is only the last 20 or so mass killings have increased. Guns aren’t the problem. The problem is with people, take the guns away the violence will still continue. The anti-gunners want to run from this because they are scoring political points while getting closer to disarming the people. We can’t let that happen, they cannot get their way anymore. It is their policies on a myriad of issues including the creation gun free zones, and the dismantling of mental health facilities that has gotten us here bringing society down to a point of self-destruction.