Fmr Navy SEAL Warns: Truth is They Want to Ban Every Gun [Video]

“The truth is, they want to ban every gun in America. It’s just not politically savvy to admit it. So they try to achieve their goals one gun and one accessory at a time.” —Veteran US Navy SEAL Dom Raso

Great straight forward message on the real intentions of anti-gun activists and politicians. Weapons have different uses and purposes depending on the situation and the user. As Dom Raso explains, where’s the logic in banning one gun but not another? How can you be for banning one type of semiautomatic gun based on its appearance but not another.

Perfect example used over and over again is the AR-15 vs Mini-14. Both fire the same round, yet one, per the anti-gunners, looks menacing while the other looks like grandpa’s old rifle!

Is that it do we just need to slap some wood on AR’s for the anti-gunners to back off?

The truth is NO, because they want to ban every gun! Anti-gun activists and politicians know they can’t do it in full-sweep so slowly chip away on this gun and that gun, this accessory and that accessory, until everything is deemed illegal. Of course the coastal elites from Hollywood to DC will have whatever they want but the rest of us will be left defenseless.

The Left is scared of pro-gun/ Second Amendment advocates, it’s why they won’t answer a challenge like Raso issued, “Admit it, that you want to ban all guns, or you stop endangering good people by limiting their option to protect themselves.”