CNN Military Expert Makes Matters Worse by Demonstrating the AR-15 on ‘Full Semi-Automatic’ [Video]

CNN’s military expert, retired Lt General Mark Hertling, appeared in a segment, with “reporter” Gary Tuchman, about the AR-15, ‘An up-close look at the AR-15’, attempting to demonstrate its capability. Not surprising he did more damage by feeding into the myth that the AR is capable of firing in full auto, which it can’t, by using cryptic/ deceptive language by firing it in ‘full semi-automatic’ mode.

First off, I have to address Tuchman’s over-dramatic handling of the weapon. I refuse to accept a retired Lt General would not show this individual, who apparently has never handled a weapon before, let alone anyone, how to properly handle a weapon.

What you saw in the first 7 seconds is all for the camera and ratings. AR’s DO NOT have that kind of recoil, it’s actually one of the reasons women prefer using it because it lacks kick! This alone just goes to show how dishonest CNN has become.

As for the generals unique use of the English language to.. create(?), reclassify(?), not sure what you call what he just did there, the action of a weapon is mind-blowing! One is left to conclude he is deliberately trying to pile on, confuse, viewers with the lies about this weapon platform by playing into the lies its capable of selective fire (semiauto to full automatic).

Also are really we to believe a man who served in the US Army for 37 years is this bad of shot with a civilian hunting rifle!?

Hertling took to twitter after getting hammered over the segment, with a non-apology/ explanation:

It’s bad enough we have people at each others throats over school shootings carried out by mentally deranged individuals and the Second Amendment. This nonsense is pure propaganda to advance the Left’s anti-gun agenda, pure and simple. What Hertling did in this video is shameful and I would hope those who served with him condemn what he said and his behavior.

Make no mistake, all propaganda like this will do is cause pro-Second Amendment activists to dig in. We’re not giving an inch, we’ve given up enough already that has left Americans defenseless.