MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch Snaps at GOP Congressman Over “Assault Weapons” [Video]

How many times have you heard about the unhinged violent Left? Here is another example of those on tv who influence the ones on the streets who carry out acts of violence. Don’t be surprised when we have another Alexandria, VA style attack, because guys like Donny Deutsch are fueling that fire.

Granted Deutsch’s outburst was stopped by Joe Scarborough before it got out of hand, but that won’t be the case between your average protesters and activists on both sides of gun control.

The fact the Left cannot even be honest about the weapon used in an attack, like Parkland, shows how driven they are to push a false narrative to destroy a Constitutional right. They constantly insist on calling the AR-15 a “weapon of war” and an assault weapon when it is not. The weapon was developed in the 1960’s as a hunting rifle. Colt licensed it out, pitched it to the military and then made major modifications to it for the Army. Yes, it was used in mass shootings, but a Mini-14 can do the same exact thing. Why isn’t that being targeted as an assault weapon to be banned? Is it because it’s not black, instead has wood stock and body? We are never going to be able to have a serious discussion on guns, because the Left refuses to have any grasp on what they’re talking about and frankly they don’t want to have a discussion.

How many guns did these people have to walk by to get into this building and tv studio they were in? How many guns does 1%’r Donny Deutsch have to protect his money (worth an estimated $200M) and stuff? You see that is never pointed out, because elitists on the left want to have the weapons while the rest of the country is disarmed. That is the end goal, they want to have that power and control over Americans. The only thing standing in their way is the Second Amendment.

Do yourselves a favor this weekend: #PissOffTheDemocrats #BuyAnAR15