WATCH the NRA’s Dana Loesch Torch the Media at CPAC [Video]

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch delivered a fiery speech at CPAC setting the record straight on conservatism, gun rights and taking the legacy media to task for their dishonesty and lack of professionalism.

Loesch had the media dead to rights in her opening salvo as she stared them down saying, “Many in legacy media LOVE mass shootings”. The media does not want to talk solutions let alone report the truth behind the killers, who always turn out to be mentally unstable, had plenty of warning signs prior to their attack on the innocent and many times are democrats! Instead they exploit the victims not realizing they are doing more damage than helping all in the name of ratings and helping to push the anti-gun agenda. She rightfully called them out for never holding town halls in Chicago, or in sanctuary cities or giving a voice to the JROTC boys who saved lives.

For 15 minutes Dana torched the media which should enrage folks as she cites their failures to properly inform the public. The media would rather get political points than tell the truth at this point.

The American people will never be disarmed no matter what the Left tries. They can be as vicious as they want, as Dana describes in how she was threatened having to be rushed out by security after the event. Knowing this, it only makes those on the Right become more determined to never give an inch to the Left. If you want to ban weapons you’re going into a fight with people who have been buying a record number of weapons for over eight years. Good luck with that gun ban, if by some act of God you got your way.

The CNN town hall was a travesty, nothing really but a hate fest against the NRA, Loesch, Sen Rubio and anyone who is pro-Second Amendment. Even the Broward Sheriff was in on the bashing, after Dana had him cornered on facts he couldn’t answer. If anything this event was one of the best ads to encourage more people to join the NRA and to go out and buy more weapons.