Gun Owner ‘Clears the Air’ Over AR-15 Myths, Calls Dems Bluff to Do Something [Video]

Gun owner, Danny Farnsworth, posted this viral video on Facebook taking apart AR-15 myths that have been perpetuated by the media, politicians and Hollywood. It is abundantly clear those ranting and raving against this weapon do not know what they’re talking about. Farnsworth uses a simple comparison to show how uninformed and uneducated the anti-gun movement is to sway public opinion to outlaw the weapon.

There’s no other way to say it, as Farnsworth spelled out, “Those people out there calling for bans, calling for ‘stop the assault rifles,’ you don’t know what the f*** you are talking about. Your ignorance is showing and it makes your argument moot.

Please if you don’t know what you are talking about shut the f*** up.”

There are far too many people putting out misinformation or outright lying about these weapons. They were originally marketed as hunting rifles. Colt licensed them out, modified them for the military going from semi-automatic to automatic and 3-round burst. They look alike that’s it, but the AR-15 IS NOT a weapon of war.

To those ranting semi-autos didn’t exist at the time of the Second Amendment being authored – WRONG. They had semi-autos back then, as discussed in this post from 2016.

Farnsworth posted a follow-up video advising anyone against AR’s to pool their money start buying the guns up and destroying them vs lying around in protest – to do something and put their money where their mouth is. He then issued a challenge to dems to call the ATF and ask to be put on the Federal Firearms Banned List!

Seriously liberals, if you are this serious about gun violence and gun control, then set the tone put your money where your mouth is, request to have your 2A rights revoked and do something versus the signs, chants and jamming up traffic with your protests! Anything else is hypocritical.