Dem Sen Murphy Blames Congressional 2nd Amend Supporters For “Green-Lighting” Mass Shooters [Video]

Democrat Senator Chris Murphy took it upon himself to be the arbiter of right and wrong, where he claims members of Congress who do not support gun control are “green-lighting” mass shooters.

How is a member of Congress, who supports the Second Amendment, and refuses to restrict a right that has its own built-in DO NOT TOUCH clause (“…shall not be infringed.”) enabling mass shooters? This is absurd and typical reverse psychology tactic democrats use to get what they want.

To date NO ONE from the democrat party has been able to produce any law that would stop a mass shooting. That’s not entirely true. The only law democrats will support is a repeal of the Second Amendment. They play games and use coded language but in the end what they want is total confiscation. California and New York are working hard on said task by slowly chipping away on gun rights, making it harder year after year for gun owners. The laws are beyond confusing, and to make matters worse the State’s DOJ steps in to add more regs that require no legislative approval!

One fact seems to escape them at the state and federal level, criminals DO NOT FOLLOW the law! Unhinged (mental) potential mass killers will find a way to kill if they can’t get a gun. They’ll use knives, bombs and vehicles just like terrorists do. Mental health is what is at issue not an inanimate object.

Good luck taking over 300 million weapons away from over 100 millions Americans Senator.