Fordham U Coffee Shop Evicts Conservatives From ‘Safe Space’ [Video]

The coffee shop manager at Fordham University came unhinged because conservative students were wearing Make America Great Again hats she deemed offensive representing Nazism and fascism, which are not “permitted” in the shop, apparently a ‘safe space’!

Aaron Spring, one of the students harassed by the shop manager, spoke with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum explaining there are no signs establishing such rules. To the contrary of her claims he said there is a sign that says “all were welcome”. Yes, all are welcome so long as you are a liberal who hates the President of the United States!

Unfortunately, Spring is correct, the school administration will do nothing about this abuse conservatives are subjected to. Patriotic Americans are going to have to start standing up to these unhinged, potentially violent people.

Word to the wise, think twice about sending your kids away to these liberal/ progressive indoctrination camps. They are becoming more and more hostile to anyone who isn’t with them. College just isn’t all cracked up to what it use to be anymore. You’re better off spending that tuition money on starting your own business rather than handing it over to the people who used to roll around in the mud and spit on our troops who now run and teach in these institutions!