Sheila Jackson Lee: SCOTUS Says Second Amendment CAN Be Restricted and Regulated [Video]

Democrat Rep Sheila Jackson Lee ran off a bunch of gun grabber nonsense, with misleading “facts” and info that has nothing to do with the national concealed carry bill that was recently passed in the House, waiting for a vote in the Senate. In the midst of her rant, objecting to the bill, the Congresswoman, who would love to see Americans disarmed, suggested SCOTUS ruled the Second Amendment CAN be restrictive and regulated in the name of “gun safety”!

“… Second Amendment is well confirmed. We’re in a fight about gun safety legislation, reasonable, protected by the Supreme Court, that said that you do not have to have a Second Amendment that is unfettered or unregulated.

Sorry Congresswoman, the last time I checked my copy of the US Constitution, the Second Amendment clearly stated “… shall not be infringed.” Frankly all the laws, regulations, and rulings against gun rights are actually violations! The intentions of the Founders was made abundantly clear, they wanted the people to be as well armed as the government! The Second Amendment in fact says the opposite of what you claim, “unfettered or unregulated”, and frankly it is the only Amendment with its own built-in Do Not Touch clause!

Lee, like many in opposition to National Reciprocity, believes the streets of America will look like the wild west. She conflated law-abiding legally licensed Americans carrying concealed weapons with criminals who do not follow the law as it is now. Criminals are already prohibited from having a firearm, conceal carrying just adds another felony charge when they get caught. This bill is about restoring one’s right to protect themselves outside of their home and when they travel; mind you following the CCW laws of the states they enter. The burden of being in compliance with conceal carry across state lines is not on law enforcement but the gun owner.

Lee even went as further having the audacity to suggest those who open carry are causing havoc for law enforcement equating them to criminals!This too is untrue, and typical hysteria from an individual who has spent most of her political career trying to take rights away vs upholding her oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution.

No law will stop a mass killer. Her calls for stringent laws, magazine, bump-fire and other device restrictions, and universal background checks will have zero effect on criminals. Look at what happened in New York City recently, two attacks took place; one with a truck the other a failed bombing. The restriction of gun rights on law-abiding people have no effect on killers who go to the next best weapon in their sick twisted minds. The restrictions Lee and other gun grabbers want only hurts the law-abiding gun owner, who simply wants the right to carry everywhere, to protect not only themselves but their fellow American!