Gun Grabber Mark Kelly Argues Concealed Carry Gun Bill is “Bad and Dumb Policy” [Video]

According to, fmr Rep Gabby Giffords husband and astronaut, Mark Kelly, it’s “bad and dumb policy” to allow law-abiding gun owners, who also legally obtained a conceal carry permit, to travel across state lines without fear of being arrested for invoking their Second Amendment rights.

I wonder if people thought the same way as he did when law was proposed to honor drivers licenses across state lines, especially since some states issue them to 16 year-olds (or younger [14] in some states for those working on farms). Actually, many of his arguments are quite similar to accepting drivers licenses across state lines, so his defense can easily be defeated using the comparison.

Not surprising Kelly justifies his position right out of the gate with a false claim that those who will be carrying will be doing so without ever going through a background check. Well Sorry Mark, there are background checks, that’s how people got their guns in the first place. He knows this quite well because he was actually denied the purchase of an AR-15 a few years back! He then followed up with another false claim about an increase in gun crimes. I reality gun crimes have actually dropped with an increase in gun ownership, but let’s not let actual facts get in the way. You see it’s okay for people like Kelly and his wife to have access to weapons and security but none of us.

Sorry not buying his claim law enforcement is against this. They probably welcome it to avoid having to arrest law-abiding gun owners. Many good guys with guns have in fact come to the aid of law enforcement documented on this site. Mark is just categorically wrong with his argument claiming it’s fiction.

On the flip side of Kelly’s logic, it must be absolute genius then to lock up a law-abiding gun owner like “Shaneen Allen, a Philadelphia mother of two, was arrested during a traffic stop three years ago after she crossed from Pennsylvania into New Jersey with a loaded .380-caliber Bersa Thunder handgun — unaware that her concealed-carry gun permit in her home state was not transferable”.

Allen appeared on Fox News with Rep Hudson who introduced the National Reciprocity Act to discuss the importance of this bill so others do not go through what she did.

The National Reciprocity Act passed in the House today, even after concerns expressed by Rep Massie and pro-gun activists. It now goes to the Senate, hopefully it will pass and become law without anything shady being buried in it.