Sen Cruz: Democrats Blocked Bill That Could Have Stopped Texas Church Shooter [Video]

As more information comes to light over the savagery carried out by the shooter against innocent church goers Sen Ted Cruz delivered more bad news. Aside from the Air Force failing to enter criminal data into the NICS, where background checks are run through, Cruz tells Fox’s Shannon Bream the democrats stopped a bill in 2013 that could stop felons and violent criminals from getting firearms.

Cruz explains the bill “mandated that federal agencies, including the Air Force, report to the NCIS, because that was a problem back then [2013]. But two, and this is even more critical piece, if it had been reported to the background database when he [shooter] went into Academy to buy these weapons he lied on the forms! That is a felony to lie on those forms. The Obama administration didn’t prosecute those cases. In 2010, 48,000 felons and fugitives lied and illegally tried to purchase guns, they prosecuted only 44 of them.” Cruz closed out saying the democrats filibustered he and Sen Grassley’s bill that should have landed the shooter in federal prison.

After every tragedy the democrats run to the cameras demanding action yet when they have had opportunities to do something they fail to act. Let’s not forget at the beginning of Obama’s presidency they held a super majority where they could have passed anything they wanted through yet chose to leave their top two issues on the side while they rammed Obamacare through!

We don’t need more gun control. The current system would have worked but failed because of human error, just as we saw in Charleston. We need the existing laws enforced, maybe add some teeth to them with harsher penalties and a background checking system where all criminals from whatever agency or department are properly recorded. All the databases should dump into one so this never happens again.