TP USA Founder Destroys Socialist With His Own Words [Video]

This is pure entertainment to watch Charlie Kirk, head of Turning Point USA, destroy a self-avowed “libertarian socialist”, more or less using the socialist’s own arguments against him!

Leftists are adopting titles they don’t even understand as Kirk puts on full display in this back and forth. This product of liberal progressives educational indoctrination system calls himself a libertarian socialist but then admits he is an anarchist! Well which is it snowflake?

Libertarians are all about live and let live with minimal government intervention. What’s yours is yours and mine is mine, live and let live and respect the law.

Socialists (gray area before communism) are the complete opposite, wanting government in control of everything. What’s yours that you worked hard for is not yours, wealth/ capitalism is bad, careful what you say and to hell with the law if the means justifies the ends!

Anarchists believe in zero government control, take what they want, what’s yours is theirs, no rule of law.. chaos really.

Regardless what he identifies as politically one thing is clear, this commie, like all commies wants to take your freedom away. He more or less admitted it when he suggested Kirk is an asshole in the scenario he was given.

This commie is what almost every university is producing now, and people wonder why the US is so screwed up. Parents ought to think twice about sending their kids away to school, because the people who were rolling around in the mud in the late 60’s now run these institutions, where they and their offspring are now brainwashing the next generation of feminized beta-males and vicious fascist females who hate men both of which hate the capitalism, the Constitution and the USA in general!!