Man Who Shot Texas Church Killer Says He’s No “Hero” [Video]

Stephen Willeford, is a plumber and fmr certified NRA firearms instructor, who heard gunfire at his home coming from the First Baptist Church, grabbed his AR-15 and engaged the Texas church killer. While many are rightfully calling Willeford a hero he disagrees saying he did what he had to do.

(Apparently 4029 News doesn’t want to share the entire interview with the public, so it’s in pieces from multiple sources and a transcript.)

Fortunately, Willeford spoke with Steven Crowder giving full account of what happened.

Willeford as you hear in the Crowder video is a good man and clearly a hero, he could have laid low, but his natural reaction was to grab his weapon and stop the threat. Theres no telling what would have happened if did not take action against the killer. He and the man who drove the truck, Johnnie Langendorff, that pursued the killer deserve all the recognition and praise they are receiving. They both demonstrate Americans are willing to do what is necessary to help/ protect themselves, family and fellow-man in perilous times. We need more people like them, not less.

Unfortunately, the Left doesn’t want it that way. No, they would prefer everyone is more or less disarmed, left to the mercy of terrorists and mass killers who do not follow the laws Leftists want implemented.

The facts are now coming to light the law could have stopped this attack had the US Air Force shared criminal information they had on the killer with the FBI, who would have updated the NICS; the database gun background checks are run through. The federal government in this case, the same where many whom work within it are calling to take away more rights, failed in to do its job. Had that information been available the killer would have been denied purchasing his weapons. On the flip side the State of Texas did their job by revoking the killers request for a concealed carry permit.

The last thing we need is more gun laws, we need to stop disarming law-abiding people. Those calling for our rights to be taken away care more about political points than those who will fall victim to criminals who don’t follow the law to begin with.