Federal Law Says You STAND for the National Anthem!

The war brewing between the NFL, Leftists, the media, Pres Trump and Patriotic Americans is getting ridiculous. To be clear everyone has a right to express their opinion under their First Amendment, free speech rights. BY the way that also includes the President, so those attacking him need to check themselves.

As myself and many have argued, there is a time and place for political discourse and it isn’t on the ball field, court or other sporting events. People seek these events to escape politics and other stresses of our lives, they were our last “safe space” from all the insanity going on that have now been tainted!

America is a Republic, we live under the rule of law. To put the debate whether one should stand or kneel during the National Anthem, the law says WE STAND!

Okay! The debate is over, those taking a knee, on issues you’re not 100% up to speed on, stop acting disrespectful and violating federal law!

Will anyone be jailed for this? No, but the law is law. Those who respect the law, respect our Flag and National Anthem. The latter? Well we know where they stand.. kneel. They are people with an agenda, who don’t like this country very much considering the “ring leader” who wore socks with cartoon of police pigs. They are the same people screaming racism over just about everything and everyone, who are attacking statues and monuments, the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.