Benghazi Hero Has Choice Words For “Whiny ‘Professional’ Sports Idiots” Taking a Knee

Former US Army Ranger and Benghazi hero, Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto, took to Instagram to express what can only be considered as disgust he and many Americans are feeling over the outright display of disrespect by “Whiny ‘professional’ (I use that term loosely) sports idiots” kneeling during the National Anthem.

Paronto, nails this perfectly, if you feel so oppressed living in America LEAVE! Go live somewhere else if this country, who enabled you to become richer than you could have ever believed, is so horrible.

The players, coaches and team owners just don’t seem to understand they are creating more hate and divisiveness in this country. Yes, for the umpteenth time, people have a right to express disagreement but there is a time and place for it. The ball field, stadium or arena are not the places to do it as fans take to these games/ events to escape the political insanity of our times. Furthermore, it’s quite hypocritical for a player/ coach to be booed, condemned or banned for taking a knee in prayer or wanting to show support for Law Enforcement after a tragic event (with a sticker on their helmet), while others are praised and celebrated for taking a knee in protest of the very symbols of freedom the benefit from!

What the hell is going on in America anymore? This country is completely backwards from where we were just 16 years ago!

Paronto wasn’t the only vet upset with what is going on, his Ranger Buddy, Ben Morgan sounded off as well:

Those protesting, showing disrespect to our fallen have no idea what’s really going on. Half of them still believe “hands up, don’t shoot”, with regards to Mike Brown shooting, really happened! Do you really believe these players are up to speed on the issues their protests are allegedly based on? Of course not. These people run in the same circles with Hollywood elitists who are propagandists working arm-in-arm with the media for the Democrat Party. It’s a mess, it’s getting out of control and must stop. The only way that happens is by hitting them where it hurts, their wallet. Boycott the NFL, their advertisers and sponsors cut the supply of money off, it’s the only way they’ll get the hint.

By the way, the last time I checked, Trump’s face isn’t on the Flag or mentioned in the Anthem, so no matter what players say they’re disrespecting our troops and those who have fallen defending this nation.