Dem Congressmen Want ’94 Assault Weapons Ban Reinstated [Video]

The gun control debate and types of weapons Americans should have access to is again taking center stage, following the slaughter of 58 innocent people in Las Vegas, NV. Democrat Congressmen like clockwork are making their case to bring back the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban thinking that will be the solution to all of problems with regards to gun violence.

Rep Lowenthal said, “We should not be selling guns of mass destruction. Those are not guns that are used for people to defend themselves in their homes … They’re not really used for self-defense, they’re offensive weapons.”

You wanna bet Congressman?!
An AR-15 was in fact used for home defense in April 2017 against 3 armed home invaders!


For the record the ’94 AW ban didn’t make much of a dent to those who do not follow the law. Apparently everyone seems to forget one of the largest, if not the largest, gun battle in Los Angeles’ history that took place in Feb 1997, 3 years after the ban!

Those are full-blown select fire weapons the North Hollywood bank robbers were using, who had the LAPD completely outgunned.

There are other stories out there involving these weapons of “mass destruction” during the ban, but the Left will never acknowledge that, just as they ignore how gun control has failed in Chicago.

Criminals will always find a way to get their hands on weapons. Until the border is secure, and even after, the weapons will still be obtained from gun runners in Mexico, or even across the northern border or coastal ports.

Disarming the public, leaving them defenseless is not the solution, Gun Free zones are proof of that as well. What we need are the laws on the books enforced, and if anything, “bigger teeth” put into them to punish offenders. Bill O’Reilly had it right, he said make any crime committed with a gun a federal crime with mandatory jail time. That’s a good start, but since the democrats did nothing when they held a majority don’t expect anything to happen at the federal level.

As for state gun laws, people in California (already brutalized, who will see more restrictions), New Jersey, New York and other states, those ran by democrats will see the hammer come down on their inalienable rights.

In the bigger picture, here’s the truth, tough love if you will, democrats, liberals and Leftists won’t like hearing:
There are over 300 million weapons in the hands of over 90 million Americans.
You’re never taking/ regulating them away from all of us!