Trump Slams Anti-American NFL Over Disrespect Towards The Flag [Video]

Pres Trump, speaking at the Luther Strange rally, addressed the disrespectful anti-American sentiment being displayed by NFL players. He not only called out the players but also the owners over the disrespect demonstrated towards the Flag and our National Anthem, but suggested fans should turn the tables on them. Trump is more or less calling on fans to boycott the NFL, by walking out of stadiums and to stop watching the games if they see even one player take a knee!

Yes, every American has a right to speak or protest on issues they feel strongly about, but people watch football, and other sports, to get away from politics. There is a time and place for everything, and let’s be honest these players don’t know the whole story to begin with!

If players feel so strongly about how horrible this country is why take a knee? They should stop playing all together and leave America since we’re all so horrible and a bunch of white privileged, racists who apparently encourage cops to abuse their power towards minorities! The hypocrisy players, and others within the NFL (ie owners), show is unbelievable. They disrespect.. hate the Flag and Anthem, yet enjoy and have gotten filthy rich over the very blanket of freedom these things represent!

Now let’s be clear the hypocrisy doesn’t end with the players and NFL organization. If you’re upset over the disrespect displayed by players to our Flag and National Anthem yet INSIST on watching games, buying their crap (shirts, hats, mugs, posters etc) more or less supporting them and their anti-American stance, you DEFINE HYPOCRITE. What kind of nut are some people to rant over the disrespect towards this country yet they have to watch the game? That’s sick!

Things won’t change because of Pres Trump, a few players or owners speaking out against the anti-Americanism being displayed. You the fans need to let this organization know enough is enough. And it is because now we have children, 6-8 year olds who know nothing about whats going on, mimicking players showing disrespect!

Stop enabling these anti-Americans, stop watching the games (in-person or tv), stop buying their crap, and patronizing sponsors and advertisers.