Today Show Survival Expert Tells Shoppers Throw Things at Robbers and Run [Video]

This gives whole new meaning to tossing the salad! According to survival expert, Mykel Hawke, if you have the unfortunate luck of being at store when a robber enters pointing a gun, you should: 1) say something to take the gunman off guard, 2) throw something at them and 3) run!

This advice is right up there with the advice the UK Metro police was telling people after the London Bridge attack.

To be honest most of what Hawke suggests it true, many in law enforcement will agree. But, one of the key reasons guys like Hawke are giving this advice is because people have been disarmed by their elected leaders. If you paid attention he never said anything about having or carrying gun.

Here’s a thought how about progressive lawmakers stop violating citizens rights to self-defense? Criminals will always gain access to weapons, no law will ever stop them. Communities with strict anti-gun laws prove gun control does not work. It does however against the law-abiding Americans who are left defenseless… unless you can grab hold of a box of Twinkies, can of Spam or maybe a chair! Communities that are not oppressive on ones gun rights do not have rampant crime committed with weapons. Why? Because criminals, as evil as they are, realize they could be walking into a place with guns pointed at them!

Gun control is a tool of the Left, like Obamacare, for people control. The people in power want us to rely on a “higher authority” for protection and permission to act. The problem is most crimes are over in less than 5 minutes, but it takes law enforcement anywhere from 6-12 minutes to respond.

Anyone who is first on scene to respond is in fact a first responder, including would be victims. What we need are smarter laws, and less gun control because criminals, by their very nature, don’t follow the law.